Türje Zsigmondháza major 1.
8796 Hungary
Tel: +36 (83) 360 048
About our Company

The shareholder group was founded on 1 July 1993, as the successor to the State Farm of Zalaszentgrót. It is located in Türje, in the western part of Hungary, near Austria, Croatia and Slovenia.The yearly revenues exceed billions of HUF. We employ 68 people, and manage 2000 acres of land. We rent the majority of cultivated land from Hungarian National Property Management, PLC.

With contracts we support: enterpreneurs; cultivators of plants under consultation; machine services; purchasing and selling.

In 2010 the majority of the shares of the company were bought by ZALAGRÁR KFT (Pókaszepetk). In his way, the structure of the ownership has changed to a significant extent. Our dairy farming is modernized every year and our machine stock is renovated continously.
Because of our enterprising culture, philosophy and ethical attitude, our business partners have confidence in us. Characteristic features of our partnerships are the reciprocal economical advantages. With most buyers we enter into contracts for longer lengths of time, in this way, we can keep stable markets and partners. In the villages where we are present, we take an active part in public life.


The holdings in our shareholder group are constantly growing. Stability and growth are due to multisectoral producing. Being multi-faceted-producing in large quantities, intensive investment politics, the concentration of experts, functioning business relations and favorable financial background-means that constant progress is possible.
Our human capital manifests itself in the love of work of our leaders and employees, our devotion towards our company and in the constant growth of our knowledge and creativity.
Our partners can be sure that we strive to find the most efficient solution possible.

ZAL-AGRO Zrt. Türje Zsigmondháza major 1. 8796 Hungary

Tel.: +36 (83) 360 048 e-mail: zalagro@zalagro.hu