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Agricultural Machinery Services

Sale of Component Parts



The most important tasks of the service sector are: to complete the mechanized ploughing jobs of the company; the storage of the mass fodder of cattle and their bedding straw; and to support the cooperation of the farmers and the company in the plant cultivation.

Activities Include:
- Drying of clients' grains
- Buying of rape, cereals and corn
- Cultivation (ploughing, loosening soil, disc-harrowing)
- Preparing of the seed bed for sowing
- Artificial fertilizing, transport of liquid artificial fertilizer
- Sowing
- Plant cultivation (targeted use of fertilizer and pesticides)
- Gathering in of lucerne and grass (mowing, baling and transporting)
- Silage (preparation of silage)
- Harvesting cereals and corn, pulverizing, baling and transporting of by-products and stalks
- Distribution of machine parts

Our machine stock had been recently significantly modernized. In this way, we have at our disposal an up-to date machine stock which can meet the highest standards.

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